Higher Education in Minnesota

I was recently perusing a book from 1960, Minnesota Heritage: A Panoramic Narrative of the Historical Development of the North Star State and came across the following map showing the locations of the colleges and universities in the state at the time. Figure 1: Minnesota Colleges and Universities in 1960
The text referring to the map made an inference about the accessibility to higher education, At a glance the map shows, these facilities for higher education are quite uneveny distributed.

Change: Time and Effort

In the fall of 2008 (maybe 2007; my memory is fleeting) our department moved from Burton Hall to the, at the time, newly renovated Education Sciences Building. This building is beautiful from the outside; brick, overlooking the Mississippi River. The building was designed in such a way that (at least on my floor) there are two long parallel hallways with the faculty offices on the outside of these hallways (running the exterior wall of the building) and the interior filled with lab space (small offices) for research grants.

Inbox Zero

On Saturday August 25, 2018 at 8:08 PM I finally hit Inbox Zero! Inbox Zero I did it by immediately copying the snippets of email I wanted into Evernote notes (my notetaking system). I also attended to to-dos more immediately, or added them to a note of “To-Dos”. I doubt I will stay at zero emails in my inbox, but I have been at fewer than 10 emails all summer.