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Last week I attended the United States Conference on Teaching Statistics. The biennial conference, which took place at Penn State, attracts statistics educators and statistics education researchers from across the world. It was a fantastic conference with keynotes from Jane Watson, Allen Schirm and Ron Wasserstein, John Kruschke, and Kari Lock Morgan. I cajoled four of my graduate students (Jonathan Brown, Mike Huberty, Chelsey Legacy, and Vimal Rao) to tag along, and it was fun to see them interacting with the people and ideas presented.

Congratulations Ethan!

Ethan Brown, one of our Statistics Education students successfully defended his dissertation today! His dissertation research looked at how a sequence of structured activities impact students’ understanding about the Empirical Law of Large Numbers and sampling uncertainty. Ethan presented some of his preliminary analyses of this work at ICOTS 10 in Kyoto, Japan last year and received a commendation for that work [read his paper here. Ethan at the public part of his Final Oral Examination.

CV: Sale Items vs. Research Plan

Karen Kelsky writes about the importance of identifying a research plan and building your CV around this plan in her book The Professor is In: The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. into a Job. A reader once wrote to explain: During my years as a tenure track assistant professor, I went about publishing and doing research the way I do the grocery shopping: concentrating on the sale items like conferences, book reviews, on-line collaborations, i.

Student Awards! So Proud!

On April 26, 2019, two of my Statistics Education graduate students, Chelsey Legacy and Vimal Rao, were given awards during the annual Psychological Foundations and QME Awards and Recognition Ceremony. Chelsey Legacy (first row; right) was awarded the Graduate Student Teaching Award for her incredible work in the EPsy 3264 classroom. Vimal Rao (second row; second from right) was awarded the Graduate Student Leadership Award for his work in building community.

CV Tips

My colleague Joseph Rios and I helped organize a monthly reading and seminar series, QME and Friends Read, for interested graduate students in our program. In March, we hosted a seminar on the Curriculum Vitae, or CV. In preparing for that seminar, I looked through many faculty and student CVs. I also read many blog posts, and scholarly work about putting together a CV. Based on all of this and my own expereiences and advice given to me, I decided to put together a post (maybe multiple posts) that includes some suggestions for compiling a CV.