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Two Online Articles

The internet is filled with interesting reads. Some thought-provoking, some inspiring, some enlightening, some just plain fun. Over the past few months I came across two that I would like to share with you. Article 1: How Margaret Dayhoff Brought Modern Computing to Biology The first, How Margaret Dayhoff Brought Modern Computing to Biology was published by The Smithsonian and provided a biological sketch of Margaret Dayoff’s early adoption of computation to catalog and analyze biological data, in her case proteins.

2019 StatPREP Workshops

I just finished helping out with two StatPREP workshops in Columbia, Maryland and Fort Worth, Texas, respectively. StatPREP is an initiative of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), in conjunction with American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) and the American Statistical Association (ASA), to introduce data and computing into introductory statistics courses—specifically in community college classrooms. Summer 2019 StatPREP participants and workshop leaders at Howard Community College Each summer, workshops are held in four locations, and each location hosts a workshop for two consecutive years.

Computing in the '60s

My dad was a mathematics teacher at Sartell High School and was also really into computing and programming. I remember learning BASIC with him on our Apple IIe and also programming our TI-99/4A. (To save a program on the TI, we had to hook up an external tape recorder and write to a cassette tape. Then to run the program, you played the tape!) Old issues of Byte, Compute, Family Computing (check out the 1982 TV ad below), and other magazines and educational trades were stacked a mile-high in our living room; many providing the outlines of a program to create some graphical spectacle (e.

Computing Talk at SSC 2018

I am giving a talk at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada in Montreal on June 05, 2018. The talk is part of an invited session on Teaching Statistics to Graduate Students in the Health and Social Sciences. Information, including the slides, is available below. Title: Statistical Computing: Non-Ignorable Missingness in the Graduate-Level Social Science Curriculum Abstract: In 2010, Nolan and Temple Lang pointed out that "