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Some R Packages to Keep In Mind

I have written several notes to myself over the years as reminders. These include ideas for research, R packages I have seen and may use sometime), things to-do, etc. I am in the process of making some of these notes more public on my blog. This will act as a more searchable, curated “note” for myself, but also makes it available to anyone else who would benefit. R Packages for Productivity blastula is a package for creating beautiful custom emails in R.

Inbox Zero

On Saturday August 25, 2018 at 8:08 PM I finally hit Inbox Zero! I did it by immediately copying the snippets of email I wanted into Evernote notes (my notetaking system). I also attended to to-dos more immediately, or added them to a note of “To-Dos”. I doubt I will stay at zero emails in my inbox, but I have been at fewer than 10 emails all summer. Hoping to keep things at this level as the semester gears up.