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Graduation 2022 and New Students

Here are a couple of pictures from the University of Minnesota’s 2022 commencement. Two of our statistics education students walked and were hooded: Chelsey Legacy and Jonathan Brown! From Left: Mireya Smith, Yoo Jeong Jang, Chelsey Legacy, and Jonathan Brown. Statistics Education also had a good presence at the 2022 Student Orientation. Regina Lisinker, a second year MA student, and Pablo Vivas Corrales, a first year MA student from Costa Rica, were on hand to welcome in the new academic year.

Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education (JSE) Reference Examples

This post is to act as more of a reference for myself regarding the referencing for JSE articles. JSE references use the American Statistical Association’s style guide which is here. Zotero’s Style Repository includes a style file here. Article Examples Gould, R. (2004), “Variability: One Statistician’s View,” Statistics Education Research Journal, 3, 7–16. Available at – – (2017), “Data Literacy is Statistical Literacy,” Statistics Education Research Journal, 16, 22–25.

Teaching Statistics Reading/Discussion Group

Laura Le is organizing a reading/discussion group at the University of Minnesota in spring 2020 for anyone interested in teaching statistics. The group will meet Mondays from 4:00pm–5:00pm (location TBD). Here is the tentative plan for what this interest group will entail: Prior to the meeting, read/skim one article related to the topic of the week. During the meeting, discuss the topic/article for the first 30 minutes and video chat with a prominent statistics educator on that topic for the last 30 minutes.

What to do about p-values?

In March, the ASA published a special issue of The American Statistician (TAS) related to statistical inference in the 21st century. In the initial article, Moving to a World Beyond “p < 0.05”, Wassersein, Schirm, and Lazar (2019) write for the ASA saying, “The ASA Statement on P-Values and Statistical Significance stopped just short of recommending that declarations of “statistical significance” be abandoned. We take that step here. We conclude, based on our review of the articles in this special issue and the broader literature, that it is time to stop using the term “statistically significant” entirely.

2019 StatPREP Workshops

I just finished helping out with two StatPREP workshops in Columbia, Maryland and Fort Worth, Texas, respectively. StatPREP is an initiative of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), in conjunction with American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) and the American Statistical Association (ASA), to introduce data and computing into introductory statistics courses—specifically in community college classrooms. Summer 2019 StatPREP participants and workshop leaders at Howard Community College Each summer, workshops are held in four locations, and each location hosts a workshop for two consecutive years.