Andrew Zieffler

Academic. Data lover. Statistics enthusiast.


I teach (have taught) the following courses at the University of Minnesota:

  • EPsy 1261: Understanding Data Stories through Visualization and Computing
  • EPsy 3264: Basic and Applied Statistics   [] [] []
  • EPsy 5244: Survey Design, Sampling, and Implementation
  • EPsy 8220: Methods for Categorical Response Data in Educational Research
  • EPsy 8251: Methods in Data Analysis for Educational Research I   []
  • EPsy 8252: Methods in Data Analysis for Educational Research II   []
  • EPsy 8261: Statistical Methods I: Probability and Inference
  • EPsy 8262: Statistical Methods II: Regression and The General Linear Model
  • EPsy 8264: Advanced Multiple Regression   []
  • EPsy 8282: Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Data I

You can find many of my old syllabi in my Syllabus Graveyard.