I teach (have taught) the following courses at the University of Minnesota. Some of my old course webpages can be found here, and many of the materials are available in various repositories in my Github.

  • EPsy 1261: Understanding Data Stories through Visualization and Computing
  • EPsy 3264: Basic and Applied Statistics
  • EPsy 5244: Survey Design, Sampling, and Implementation
  • EPsy 5261: Introductory Statistical Methods
  • EPsy 8220: Methods for Categorical Response Data in Educational Research
  • EPsy 8251: Methods in Data Analysis for Educational Research I
  • EPsy 8252: Methods in Data Analysis for Educational Research II
  • EPsy 8261: Statistical Methods I: Probability and Inference
  • EPsy 8262: Statistical Methods II: Regression and The General Linear Model
  • EPsy 8264: Advanced Multiple Regression
  • EPsy 8282: Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Data I